I highly recommend Dr. Richard Nock! Richard is knowledgeable, skilled and professional but also compassionate and fun. I am one of those people who really dislikes going to the dentist but Richard and his staff always put me at ease. Most important to me though is the fact that Richard is trustworthy. He is a man of integrity and faith and I know that I can always trust him to do his work to the best of his ability and to only do dental work that is needful and necessary. Very important in today's economy and to those of us working within a tight budget.

I love everyone on Dr. Nock's staff as well. They are all friendly, helpful and understanding. My dental hygienist, Jo, is the most gentle I have ever had! She knows that I have very sensitive teeth and gums and works accordingly. This Doctor & his staff get a 5 star rating!

Sincerely, Lisa V.


Dr. Richard Nock has been my dentist for just about 30 years. I would recommend Dr. Nock to anyone --- he has a vast knowledge of the dental field and keeps updated with new techniques. His patience, skills and attention to detail are impeccable and I always leave knowing that I've received the best care possible. I trust the whole staff to meet all of my dental needs and appreciate their friendly and professional treatment.

Diane S.


Great dentist and staff. I have great confidence in Dr. Nock's ability to take care of my dental issues and I trust the professional advice the whole staff provides in helping to maintain my dental health. Anyone who is looking for a top-notch dentist should see Dr. Richard Nock.

Michael S.


When needing a denture that had been in the planning stage for years due to the condition of my teeth after an accident years ago I found Richard Nock via referral from my wife. I could not be happier with the results on the procedure and Dr. Nock’s concern that the work be performed as good as I expected.

We planned how and what steps Dr. Nock would take to get the results to make me a happy camper, and I am very excited at the results. I am able to have a normal diet and I have no problem giving a big smile…with pride. How much happier could a person be??

The staff at Nock Dental was a very important factor too; being their support was just great. There is always a positive carry over when employees enjoy their work environment and patients. This is very evident when going to an appointment at Nock Dental.

Jim S.


I have been to many dentists in my lifetime and no dentist has ever cared for me so well as Doc Nock!

Al V.


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